Policy Statement on Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Whilst recognizing that overseas sourcing of fabrics and/or garments will offer substantial cost benefits, Sharon Lee Ltd and its associated brands is aware of the potential social impact that offshore supply can have. For this reason we have issued a statement regarding humane manufacturing conditions in overseas countries that we ensure adherence to.

Sharon Lee Ltd opposes the exploitation of child labour, and will not knowingly make purchases from manufacturers or their agents who do not comply fully with the labour, safety and other relevant laws of their respective country and the relevant ILO conventions on child labour and working practices. Sharon Lee Ltd will also not knowingly make purchases from any manufacturing source where workers of any age are expected to work in unreasonable conditions. For example where the levels of hygiene or safety or general environment are unsatisfactory taking into account local factors. Sharon Lee Ltd opposes the exploitation of workers generally and supports a fair reward and a good working environment, taking into account local conditions.

A written commitment has been obtained from all our manufacturers, confirming compliance to the Sharon Lee Ltd statement on ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

Sharon Lee Ltd will take all reasonable and practical steps, including regular factory visits by the company’s representatives or agents, to ensure that required standards are being met and maintained. We will also strive to be alert to any signs which may indicate that a production process may involve exploitation or represent a danger to health, safety or the environment.

Sharon Lee Ltd operates a formal system that encourages our clients to make independent visits to our factories to undertake an audit if required.