SL Black Label is proud to be a carbon neutral organisation – that’s zero direct emissions and carbon neutral on our scope 2 indirect emissions. We are setting our standards even higher with a plan to offset upstream and downstream scope 3 emissions after calculating our next set of carbon emissions.

We are carbon offsetting through a Gold Standard verified project that provides cleaner, safer water in Laos. We aim to go further by reducing all our emissions, including scope 3.

SL Black Label – A Carbon Neutral Organisation

We’ve also joined SME Climate Hub, a UK network of likeminded buisness sharing resources and experience around emissions reduction and making public commitments to reaching net zero. We have a set a 2030 net zero goal for SL Black Label. We understand the importance of monitoring and also bettering our social, ethical and enivronmental standards which is a core value to us as a business.

Goal – Net Zero By 2030

SL Black Label is partnered with a reyccling company meaning we are a zero to landfill business and 100% of our textile waste is measured and monitored.

We receive quarterly reports from our recycling Partner on how our waste stock has been made into new, useful products.  As an example here is a snapshot of our textile recycing breakdown in 2021.

To learn more about our social, ethical, and environmental practices, please download our sustainability report. Our passion is to create a very successful company, but also ethical one that is socially and environmentally sustainable. We hope you will join us on that journey by looking at our 2022 sustainability report on how we set to become Net Zero by 2030

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