SL Black Label offers a fully secure recycling service for all SL Black Label hats which are returned to us.  If you would like to create a closed loop recycling system with your hats, then SL Black Label are the partner that can provide this for you.   Talk to us today about how this can be implemented.

SL Black label ensure that all rejected UK stock hats are 100% recycled with no elements going into landfill. This is done as standard.  Whether rejected for quality control or for other purposes, these hats are deconstructed, sorted into materials, with all materials getting a second use.

When working with SL Black label, you can be rest assured that recycling is part of our commitment to helping the planet.  To understand more about SL Black Label’s sustainability practices and goals please click here to download our sustainability policy.


Each rejected or end of life hat is deconstructed by a fibre shredding and fibre sorting process.  Each fibre is then sold via Business to Business (B2B) transactions into the appropriate sector. These materials are in free circulation via B2B supply chains. The diagram above illustrates the most common outcomes within the different tiers of recycling that we can achieve. The bulk of our waste ends up in tier 1 or 2.

All textiles are securely deconstructed by our partner’s own custom-built cross-cut industrial shredder, with the process taking place within the UK.  As part of the process, textiles are broken down into small elements which ensures that the defective product or brand cannot enter the public domain.

All practices are in line and compliant with ISO 9001 & 14001, BS EN: 15713 2009 and BS 7858 accreditations.

Once the defective or end of life hats are destroyed, the fibres are sorted and packed into mill size bales, before being transported to specialist facilities to begin the recycling phase.


Amount Collected and by who

Delivering to recycling facility and receipt

Processing materials for recycling

Sorting and bailing ready for recycling

Supply of certification of destruction

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