SL Black label are a proud partner of Polylana, as we stock an environmentally friendly low impact beanie made of Polylana ® fiber.


At SL Black label, we understand that we all have a responsibility to our planet, which is why we selected a low impact polylana ® fiber to produce this beanie. Our beanies made with Polylana ® fiber boast a finish similar to a high end soft feel acrylic, with the following benefits to the environment

76% less energy to produce Polylana fibres

Reduction on Co2 emissions

More than 4L of water are saved per beanie

AWARE traceability – full transparency

SL Black Label’s beanies produced with Polylana ® fiber are embedded with aware tracer technology so the product can be identified as certified Polylana ® fiber at any time. More importantly these claims are validated and traceable for the whole supply chain.   SL Black label can provide certification for all orders upon request.

To see how SL Black Label can add your branding to a Polylana ® fiber beanie, please click here

SL Black Label’s stock beanies with Polylana ® fiber are supplied with a swing tag which takes the wearer through to the Polylana website;  Your brand instantly becomes part of the sustainability story!