SL Black Label understands that we all have a responsibility to our planet, both as a corporate business and with the eco-friendly solutions that we offer.  Within our UK stock and made to order options, we offer eco-friendly solutions in baseball caps, truckers, and beanie hats. The eco-friendly range is constantly reviewed and developed as we consistently look to ever increase our ability to use the most planet positive fabrics, components, and packaging.

Whether you want a hat from our stock or a made to order fully customised product, SL Black Label can help. Click here to see our range of eco caps in stock



When you add your brand to SL Black Label’s beanies made from Polylana ® fiber, your brand becomes part of the story.  Your product will contain a swing tag which takes the wearer through the Polylana story via a QR code!

SL Black label are a proud partner with Polylana ®.   

SL Black Label stock a beanie hat which is entirely produced using Polylana ® fiber which has a low environmental impact when compared with traditional polyester and acrylic materials.

Polylana ® fiber is produced using less water, less energy, and its production results in lower green house gases (CO2), when compared with standard man made fibres. Each batch of Polylana ® fiber within our beanies comes with a certification showing the savings made in water, in energy, and in GHG’s.  All calculations based on validated LCA data, so you can understand the environmental savings that you are making when using SL Black Label’s beanies made from Polylana ® fiber.

All beanies knitted with Polylana ® fiber are embedded with aware tracer technology so the product can be identified as certified Polylana ® fiber at any time, giving you full piece of mind that the environmental claims are 100% correct and validated.

SL Black Label beanies knitted with Polylana ® fiber are available as a stock item in black, grey, navy, and red, and can be customised with your logos using SL Black Label’s in house branding techniques. Should you need a beanie other than the stock colours and styles, we can produce a made to order beanie and scarf using Polylana ® fiber.


When you add your brand to SL Black Label’s caps made from 100% recycled REPREVE® fabric, your brand becomes part of the story.  Your caps will contain a peak sticker which takes the wearer through the REPREVE® website. click here to learn how this can elevate your brand.

SL Black Label are a proud partner of REPREVE®

SL Black label have added a 6 panel and a trucker style cap to our stock range in black, red, grey, and navy. The fabric within each cap is comprised from approximately 2 post consumer waste plastic bottles, resulting in a durable, thick, high quality recycled and fully traceable baseball cap.

100% Recycled Polyester Baseball Cap & 100% recycled Polyester Beanie

SL Black label offer recycled polyester caps and beanies in fully certified and traceable recycled polyester.

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SL Black Label also commit to holding recycled polyester twill in our China based facility, allowing you the option of producing recycled baseball caps and bucket hats from as low as 144 pieces per style.  Furthermore, SL Black label can offer made to order beanies and scarves made from 100% recycled polyester twill.

100% Recycled Polyester embroidery thread

SL Black label offer a recycled embroidery thread on stock hats, without any increase in price from our standard embroidery.  If you would like your logos embroidered in recycled thread to be applied to any of our products, just ask and we will oblige.

ECO Hats

We have more eco hats available like the C6741 and C6744 available, check out SLBL Eco friendly hats 

Sustainable Focus

SL Black Label places sustainability at the centre of our organisation. Sustainability is at the forefront of what we stand for, we are proud to be a carbon neutral organisation enabling us to provide a greener headwear offering to our clients. Below is a link to see our sustainability report. For more information on SL Black Label’s efforts, please click here