Providing Greener Headwear Solutions

SL Black Label understand that we all have a responsibility to our planet, and we understand the need to help both as a corporate business and with the eco-friendly solutions that we offer.  Within our stock options distributed and decorated within the UK, we offer eco-friendly solutions in baseball caps, truckers, and beanies. The eco-friendly range is constantly reviewed and developed.

100% Recycled Embroidery Thread

In addition to the eco-friendly options available with the hat itself, SL Black label can offer embroidery using a 100% recycled thread.  The recycled thread will not cost any more than embroidery using a standard embroidery thread.  Made from recycled plastic bottles, producing a high-quality finish, and helping to re-use post-consumer waste!

To help pass the recycled thread story through to the wearer of the cap, we can apply a compostable peak sticker with a QR code that takes the wearer to the embroidery threads website.



SL Black Label have partnered with Repreve and are proud to boast 2 styles of cap made from 100% recycled Repreve fabric.  Each cap is calculated to contain approximately 2 post consider recycled bottles to create the fabric.  The credentials of Repreve and the 2 recycled plastic bottles are passed to the wearer via a peak sticker.  For more details on Repreve and to see what the peak sticker QR code links to, please click here

To see the Repreve caps please click here

SL Black Label have partnered with Repreve to sell its own label baseball cap and trucker cap, allowing your brand to become part of the story created by a world leading recycled performance fibre with an amazing planet positive story. Many of the worlds leading brands are using Repreve fabrics.  To do this using hats, talk to us about our stock Repreve fabric hat options.

100% Recycled Polyester Baseball Cap & 100% recycled Polyester Beanie

One of our several sustainable cap options includes our 100% recycled polyester baseball cap. Along with our stocked recycled polyester beanie, offering this across both woven and knitted styles.

To make a difference, recycled polyester has been developed. Using recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester means we are less dependent on fossil fuels and in turn means we put less virgin polyester into land fill or worse – floating in our oceans. Producing recycled polyester requires less energy and produced fewer carbon emissions.

Polylana Beanies

SL Black label are excited to have developed a low impact environmentally friendly beanie using Polylana ® fiber.  Our stock beanies using Polylana ® fiber provide a sustainable high quality soft feeling knitted beanie, whilst saving precious resources when compared to traditional man-made knitting yarns.

Polylana fibre uses up to 76% less energy, saves more than 4L of water per beanie, and saves on CO2 emissions. Polylana is embedded with AWARE tracer technology to provide complete transparency and traceability.


Each of beanie is supplied a Polylana Hangtag including a QR code linking the wearer to the Polylana website, adding your brand to the positive work done by Polylana. Click here to see more information on our beanies made with Polylana ® fiber.

100% recycled Polyester Beanie

SL Black Label stock a turn up knitted beanie cap made from 100% recycled polyester fabric.  Using a premium grade of yarn, this beanie provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional man made fibres commonly used, To see our stock recycled polyester beanies, Click here


SL Black Label understands that packaging is an important factor when considering and reducing our carbon footprint and waste.

Unless specified otherwise, SL Black Label deliver your hats in the same transport packaging used to ship the goods from China to our warehouse.

SL Black Label’s standard transport packaging is 100% recyclable, and each element is either recycled or reused, so if you do need to re-package goods then you can rest assured that nothing is sent to land fill.  Everything is reused or recycled!

Individual Poly Bags; if you need your stock orders individually poly bagged then you can rest assured that all of our poly bags are made from 90% recycled post-consumer content.

Recycled Cartons; SL Black label regularly package our hats in BDCM1 cartons.  You can rest assured that all SL Black Label BDCM1 cartons are made of 100% recycled materials.

If you need a specific standard of packaging for your hats, we will be happy to hear from you.

Reducing Transport Emissions

SL Black Label are an integrated hat supplier and hat decorator, with stock products warehoused only yards from the decoration machinery.  Everything is under 1 roof with everything being decorated in house, avoiding the need to add the carbon footprint of delivering products to embroiderers, printers, or multiple suppliers.

Standard deliveries from SL Black Label’s warehouse are done with our courier partner DPD due to their clean green delivery service;